Software for planning forest management: Part 2

End on 22 Feb 2022

Meet the innovators, get inspired and develop new partnerships
Forestry Speed Dating puts innovators in contact with potential partners and end-users, to speed up innovation and create new partnerships. Through a series of speed dating workshops, and facilitation of meeting with innovators, you can find inspiration and explore new solutions towards a sustainable forest circular bioeconomy for your area.

Theme 1: Digitalisation of forest management, inventory and monitoring.

Discover new digital solutions to improve forest management, sustainable forest operations and efficient supply. Find out more about digital tools that support forest managers’ decision-making as well as communicating what you do to the public and engaging their input.

Forestry Speed Dating #5 Part 2: 22 February, 10:00-11:10 (CET)

Get in touch with the innovators behind software for planning forest management, and hear about how they can help you plan your forest management, or seek potential collaborations.

 WoodsApp transforms the collaboration between forestry organizations (FOrg) and forest owners. The solution consists of a smartphone app for forest owners and a web application for the FOrgs. The core is the possibility of direct communication between forest owners and the consulting foresters of the organization. The forest owner uses WoodsApp to find his official parcels. These are displayed together with topographic maps, aerial photographs and maps relevant to nature conservation. Additional highlights include up-to-date satellite maps that show the health status of the forest and changes, for example, after storm events. The forest owner also has the option of sending map-based messages to the FOrg via the app and always has his forest in view. The FOrgs can work more efficient as they have a complete overview of the forests they manage and can quickly and easily inform forest owners affected by beetle infestation or storm damage.
By Benedikt Pointner.
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LasInfo is a full-scale management support system for managers of forests and natural resources in various organisational and legal contexts: public, municipal and private forests, protected areas, such as national parks, experimental forests owned by research institutions, seashore protective forests etc. It is a comprehensive solution which includes a centralised data management module, geographic information system, desktop and mobile device applications, support for all forest management processes and integration of information flow throughout the organisation in various settings.

By Andrzej Talarczyk.
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5 min


Presentation and Q&A WoodsApp, by Benedikt Pointner

20 min


Presentation and Q&A LasInfo, by Andrzej Talarczyk

20 min


Breakout rooms with speakers

22 min


Closure and presentation of next event

 3 min


Continuation of breakout rooms according to availability


Target audience

Companies and agencies performing forest management, forest managers, forest research organisations, forest owner(s) (associations); all interested in software for planning forest management.

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Date & Time

22 February 2022

10:00 11:10 Europe/Brussels

Bioregions Facility

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