Innovative bio-based resin derivatives

Interregional workshop

Join us for this interregional workshop to discuss current trends and promising business opportunities for bio-based resins derivatives.

This workshop, held over two days, will act as a forum with key representatives of the industry and the research arena to identify enabling factors and critical barriers for bio-based resins as a sustainable alternative to fossil-based derivatives. The workshop will:

·       Detect major demands and trends in innovation and development of bio-based derivatives, fostering collaboration between industry and academic research.

·       Identify new business opportunities for bio-based Mediterranean derivatives, including marketing and traceability issues.

·       Kick-start discussions on how to enable bio-based derivatives to be sustainable alternative to fossil-based ones, and identify necessary sectorial policies, marketing, certification and traceability strategies.

·       Create a virtual space for resins industries and research centres to interact and share experiences.

This event is addressed to primary and secondary processing industries, chemical equipment manufacturers, colophony and turpentine derivatives consumers, certification and traceability entities, sectoral associations, government bodies and research organisations.


Programme: please find the full programme of the event.

Webpage: further information can be found on the dedicated webpage .


This event is part of the series of interrergional workshops on non-wood forest products organised by the INCREDIBLE project.

This event is supported by the EFI Bioregions Facility. If you want to receive information from this initiative supporting bioeconomy in European regions, please subscribe.

Date & Time

13 April 2021

Start - 12:00 Wednesday

14 April 2021

End - 18:00 Europe/Madrid
Online Event


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