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Data processing notice

The Bioregions Facility promotes trans-regional cooperation on shaping and implementing a sustainable and integrative forest-based circular bioeconomy among dedicated regions.

The Bioregions Facility facilitates knowledge sharing and cooperation around the topics of innovation, institutions, infrastructures and investments, through a range of activities supporting networking, business discovery, access to funding, policy learning and awareness raising.

The Bioregions Facility connects forward-thinking regions across Europe to work together to unlock regional potential through international exchange on the forest circular bioeconomy.

The Bioregions Facility connects forward-thinking regions across Europe to work together to unlock regional potential, coordinated by the European Forest Institute and founded by the regions of Basque Country (Spain), North Karelia (Finland), and North Rhine-Westphalia, (Germany) aims to attract further like-minded regions to extend its network and realise its full potential.

Based on this approach, the Bioregions Facility has identified four strategic objectives:

  1. Identify and capitalise on best practices that support the development of the bioeconomy in European regions, extracting and disseminating relevant lessons for European or global policy processes and creating better framework conditions for a circular bioeconomy regional level.

  2. Catalyse and support growth of innovative bioeconomy start-ups, spin-offs and corporate innovations, strengthening and interconnecting bioeconomy acceleration programmes.

  3. Raise awareness on the bioeconomy potential, initiatives and transformative agendas in European regions, as a way to increase social engagement and help overcome barriers to change.

  4. Strengthen the Bioregions Facility, attracting new regions, developing a strong partnership with business and civil society actors and leveraging competitive funding opportunities.

To support the achievement of the above-mentioned objectives, European Forest Institute processes the following personal data provided by you

- e-mail, full name, title, organisation where you work, job position, region, country, professional phone number(s), areas of interest related to the bioeconomy; address of the organisation where you work, department where you work, website links with professional information, gender;
- exchanges you have with the Bioregions Facility (including your registration and attendance to the events organised or co-organised by the Bioregions Facility, relevant information for the Bioregions Facility you may have exchanged with EFI personnel being part of the Bioregions Facility Secretariat).

EFI may process your personal data for the following purposes:

- for us to inform you about and invite you to upcoming events organised by the Bioregions Facility, and to send you information on project proposals that might be relevant for you according to the sector of your activity and your geographical scope;
- to send request and provide feedback for the events and projects organised by the Bioregions Facility as well as sharing outputs from these events and projects;
- for searches in the database;
- for us to send you the Bioregions Facility newsletter and any other information related to the Bioregions Facility;
- to generate anonymous statistics about the attendance to the events organised or co-organised by the Bioregions Facility and other anonymous statistics about the interactions between the people registered in the database and the Bioregions Facility.

EFI may furthermore use the personal data if needed to comply with applicable laws and regulations.

Your personal data may be shared by EFI with third parties for the above-mentioned purposes.

The grounds for processing is that you have provided your consent.

The personal data will not be kept for longer than is needed to fulfill these purposes.

You can withdraw your consent by contacting the Bioregions Facility data protection officer at bioregions@efi.int.